Our mission is to deliver customer-centric consulting services that add value, enhance organizational effectiveness and achieve results for our clientele including SMEs, start-ups, non-profit organizations, service providers, and all levels of government.

Our three key services are:
  • Business Strategy Development
  • Training & Development
  • Research & Insights

Why is Fredma Unique?

At Fredma we do things differently! Fredma creates tremendous value for its clientele by combining unparalleled academic and industry expertise with visionary thinking and an implementation focus. We do this by offering a flexible, unbundled, and service-based cost structure that harness the power of technology and allows our clients to gain affordable business strategy and marketing services when and where they need it.

Value is not the only thing separating us from others. With a credible and professional network of consultants both local and abroad, we offer sound organizational advice, cutting-edge training and development and insightful research.These experienced people can adapt, work flexibly, and focus on the business objectives. Besides, we place a high priority on customer service and strong quality control and stay through with you during and after the implementation stage.