Strategy Consulting

As a small business owner, you work late days and nights to help grow your business. We also get that you work on a tight budget. That’s why we work for you, only when and as you need us, on-site or off-site. Whether you are an established small business seeking a new or sounding strategy or ideas for organisational effectiveness or a newly minted entrepreneur seeking business support and leadership, Fredma can help you plan, grow and structure your organisation.  

Fredma will help you make the right decisions by taking advantage of opportunities while minimizing risks. Fredma consultants work closely with your decision-makers and stakeholders to formulate strategic and corporate priorities and objectives, and provide advice on program-related issues, trends and strategic directions. We do this by working hand-in-hand with clients to improve organisational performance, drive shareholder value and create competitive advantage.

Our seasoned strategic communication and marketing consultants can also help you define, develop and deliver the right messages to help your organization reach its objectives.

We also go the extra mile by regularly putting clients together for partnering or collaborative opportunities or to suggest referrals for financing and networking needs. Oh yeah, and you get that for free.

Fredma has all it takes to work with you to realize your organizational potentials. If you are interested in seeking a new course or re-organizing, developing new initiatives and reaching your target audience with the right message, then look no further.