Our Advantage

There are many benefits of choosing Fredma. Some of the benefits clients gain from choosing Fredma are:

Unmatched Skills and Knowledge: As start-up owners ourselves, we get it. You receive specialist advice for a specific issue on one to one basis. Our clients get work done that no-one in their organization has the time to do or thought of because our numerous travels have offered us the rare opportunity to explore and experience how business and marketing is conducted internationally. Thus, you get the unique expertise unmatched to the one you might not have available within your organization.

Independent and Sound Judgment: Clients can achieve the changes and innovations that sometimes can only be achieved with independent and objective guidance because we provide unbiased solutions based on sound opinions and judgments that address your particular organizational situation.

Cost Effectiveness: Clients get the requisite and tailor-made solutions they need at a relatively lower cost than if you hired a full-time employee or any of these bureaucratic consulting firms. Working with Fredma saves the average business tens of thousands of dollars each year. We maintain a small staff and a modest home office space so that we can pass along the savings to you.

Teamwork and Result-Orientation: Fredma stresses teamwork and results-oriented approach to client projects. We try to meet your exact and unique needs, that leads to a transfer of critical knowledge, and that significantly impacts the bottom line. We also follow through the implementation with you.

Our Mission

To add value, enhance organizational effectiveness and achieve results

Our Advantage

Unmatched Skills and Knowledge, Teamwork and Result-Oriented

Our Team

Unparalleled academic and industry expertise with visionary thinking and focus

Free Consultation

At Fredma we do things differently! Fredma creates tremendous value for its clientele by combining unparalleled academic and industry expertise with visionary thinking and an implementation focus.