Research & Insights

Fredma conducts reliable yet affordable market, competitive and industry analysis for its clients by using cutting-edge methodologies, and modern research techniques. We have built our reputation based on the depth and quality of our analysis and our unmatched strength in client-focus research. From market research and competitive intelligence to helping our clients generate new business ideas and strategies, our clients also receive refreshing insights and solid value that is unique to their organizations and industries.

We are apt to employing both qualitative and quantitative methods in our research delivery. We deliver a full suite of research services- problem formulation, hypotheses and research questions formulation, sampling, data collection, data analysis, recommendations and results presentation. Our clients are involved in each stage of the research process. We are equipped with the right tools, expertise and experience to design research studies that meet our clients’ needs and budget.

Besides, Fredma provides other research firms with high quality panelists from Middle East and Africa- enabling them to interact with real consumers and business decision makers.

Whether you are also aiming to locate and develop a new market, expand your international trade frontier, or find a new partner/agent in Middle East and Africa, Fredma offers strategic advice and services such as in-market research, market entry planning, partner/agent identification, intercultural business communication, leads generation, and marketing support.

We can also help you to plan, organize, and manage your international trade missions, conferences, events, exhibitions, meetings, travels and logistical support in your efforts to establishing your business projects in Middle East and Africa.

Our prime motive is to be with you along the way to uncovering your opportunities and to convert them into profitable business ventures. We would be glad to discuss your goals and support you through all phases of your business development cycle.

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At Fredma we do things differently! Fredma creates tremendous value for its clientele by combining unparalleled academic and industry expertise with visionary thinking and an implementation focus.